Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Midtown Moblie Guitar Project (MGP) - now accepting students!

This has been quite awhile in the making, but it's finally time to cut the tape, so to speak. The Midtown Mobile Guitar Instructor is now accepting students! MGP is my way of sharing knowledge of guitar with others in a way that is most convenient and cost effective for them.

This knowledge has come from years of trial and error in attempts gain a sense of clarity with the guitar. During this time, my chief priorities have been:

1. Bringing to guitar the ideas that exist in my head.
2. Deciphering and understanding the music of others.
3. Developing the techniques necessary to do 1 and 2 with utmost proficiency.

This moment has become something of a milestone for me in gaining the facility to accomplish my goals. In celebration of that, I am offering guitar instruction to anyone interested. The "Mobile" in MGP means just that. If you don't have a car, I'll come to you! All I ask is that we talk via phone or meet at some public location to confirm that you're not an axe murder (because they're so passé.) Also, I'd like to get an idea of what you're looking to accomplish with the guitar so I can cater my lessons to you specifically.

My "mobile" instruction will be 25$ per 45 minute lesson. Lessons via. Skype or some other means not involving use of my car will be 20$ dollars per 45 minute lesson.

In my lessons, I offer music theory charts and practice notes of my own design, free of charge. I'm committed to removing all of the ambiguity associated with learning the guitar in efforts to create a most streamlined learning experience!

Email me at briantruesby@gmailDOTcom

My Youtube account has a few videos of my guitar work for your perusal (and mocking):

Thanks for checking this out - really looking forward to this project!


Katy said...

I'll start saving up for the awesomeness, so that I can brush up and learn more. (Do you take tips in the form of cookies, cake, or Reese's?)

Brian Truesby said...

Awesome! We should talk later about the possible focuses of your lesson(s). (I gluttonously accept all edible forms of gratuity!)

Brandon said...

I wish to be they disciple.

Brandon said...

The Midtown Moblie Guitar Project.





Brian Truesby said...

...and yet, you wish to be "THEY" disciple? :P

Lauren Rae Holtermann said...

This is insane considering two or three years ago I remember trying to convince you to play guitar at a bonfire and you absolutely refused to play in front of people. *sniff* little Truesby, all grown up!